Why We ?

Why Choose Tyre Sealant Manufactured by Guru Enterprises ?
  • We are the leading manufacturer and exporter for this unique product- Puncture Solution- Tyre Sealant.We are the authorized manufacturer and supplier of this wonderful product in India and abroad having manufacturing unit in Lucknow, India
  • We give assurance for quality, quantity, timely supply and color maintenance.We use high end raw materials mostly of Japan and Taiwan origin.
  • Our continuous Reasearch and Development programme always focuses on quality.
  • We at Guru Enterprises extend our full hand support to our distributors, dealers and customers.
  • A punctured tyre is one of the most frequent problems faced by large fleet owning organizations.Tyre Sealant is designed and engineered to meet the needs and wants of diverse user types, having evaluated an extraordinary number of puncture problems experienced by a variety of vehicle users in diverse working environments.
  • Often a puncture causes a chain reaction of events leading to further problems and increased related costs. Whenever a tyre is punctured and allowed to run flat, there is a good chance that the tyre structure will be damaged seriously.With the overall cost of tyre replacement, this can prove to be seriously high cost.
  • Needless to say, a punctured tyre leads to huge repair costs in terms of time needed for repair and in terms of delays.
  • Another two aspects of even bigger concern than the cost and time saving are safety and security.
  • This tyre sealant is a fluid that is injected into the tyre or inner tube and it instantaneously fills any puncture as soon as it occurs.
  • Unlike other tire sealant present in market, tyre sealant manufactured by Guru Enterprises has one unique property that it does not drys which keeps it in liquid state in the tyre or tube.