1. Hi-Speed Tubeless Type - The best quality tubeless liquid used for high speed tubeless cars, bikes and scooters.The hi-speed tubeless liquid is formulated keeping in mind the basic factors that influence the quality of a tyre sealant.Tyre Sealer has special rust inhibitors and anti-oxidant in it.Contrary to other tubeless tyre sealants present in market Tyre Sealer Hi-Speed Tubeless Type is totally different having the best properties such as puncture sealing property, storage property, tyre sealant in tyre lasting property etc.

2. Tube-Type - Unlike other tube-type sealants present in the market Tyre Sealer Tube Type is immensely different.It is a result of long research and development.Preferably used in all tube type vehicles as car, bike, scooter, tempo, auto rickshaw etc.

3. Heavy Duty - Heavy Duty sealant is designed for tube or tubeless truck, bus, crane and all heavy vehicles.

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