1. Why should we use Tyre Sealant ?

Tyre Sealant is used to avoid breakdown and getting tyre flat due to punctures or leaks on road subject to certain conditions and to reduce the increasing heat of the tyres while the vehicle is running.Visit www.puncturesealantmanufacturer.com

2. How Tyre Sealant works to seal punctures?

As the tyre rotates, centrifugal force evenly spreads tyre sealant over the entire internal tread area, coating the area with sealant.Whenever a penetration occurs thousands of strong different length interlocking fillers react instantly sealing around the puncturing object thus preventing loss of air.Visit www.taiwantyresealant.com

3. What kind of punctures will be sealed by tyre sealant ?

Tyre Sealant will seal punctures caused by nail, thorns, bolts etc.in tread area subject to certain favourable conditions.Tyre Sealant in not guaranteed to seal punctures outside of the tread area.Visit www.tyresealantmanufacturers.co.in

4. Can tyre sealant be used in tubeless tyre, tube type tyre and commercial heavy duty tyres ?

Yes there are three different variants of sealant namely-

 a-) Tubeless Sealant - Useful in all tubeless tyres of bikes, car etc.Don't use tubeless sealant for heavy vehicles.Use Heavy Duty Sealant.Visit www.tubelesstyresealant.comwww.tubelesstyresealant.co.inwww.tubelesstyresealant.in

 b-) Tube Type Sealant - Useful in all tube type tyres of bikes, car etc.Don't use tube type sealant for heavy vehicles.Use Heavy Duty Sealant.Visit www.tubetyresealant.comwww.tubetyresealant.co.inwww.tubetyresealant.in

 c-) Heavy Duty Sealant for large vehicles as trucks, buses, cranes, tractors, JCB's etc.Visit www.heavydutysealant.comwww.heavydutysealant.co.inwww.heavydutysealant.in

5. Does tyre sealant stays in liquid state inside the tyre ?

Yes,it will always stay in liquid state inside the tyre or tube for a long time.Visit www.punctureproofindia.com

6. What are other benefits of using tyre sealant?

Tyre Sealant has following benefits -

a ) Heat is the primary cause of wear in tyres and tyre sealant helps in reducing the heat while vehicle is running which extends the life of tyre reducing the rate of diminishing while rubbing against the road.

b ) Tyre Sealant improves fuel economy of the vehicles as it maintains the tyre pressure.

c ) Tyre Sealant reduces operating and maintenance cost by extending life of the tyre.

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7. Whether any side effects or adverse cause of Tyre Sealant ?

There are no side effects.Tyre Sealant is made by chemicals which  are inert having no effect on the life of the wheel and is easily washable with water.Tyre Sealant will not effect future repairs/retreads for more effective running.Visit www.nomorepuncture.com

8. Whether the tyre sealant can be washed off ?

Yes, tyre sealant can be easily cleaned by washing out with water.Visit www.puncturesealantindia.com
9. Is there any preparation before use?

Tyre Sealant to be stir well before use.Visit www.puncturesolution.co.in

10. Whether tyre sealant is flammable?

Tyre sealant is inflammable.Visit www.tiresealant.co.inwww.tiresealant.in

11. What is Warranty for tyre sealant to its customers?

The Supplier / Manufacturer shall not be liable for any consequential or damages or such any other acts or remedy on using tyre sealant.The Supplier / Manufacturer shall not be liable for all expenses related to any kind of action by user of tyre sealant manufactured by Guru Enterprises for towing, repair, replacement expenses or any claims from the third party including user of  tyre sealant or any other operating vehicles under inflated or flat tyres or failing to follow proper instruction from the supplier / manufacturer of tyre sealant.

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