Why is TYRE SEALER referred to as Japanese or Taiwanese innovation ?

Tyre Sealer is a very unique formula to repair puncture instantly.It is the best and high grade tyre sealant present in the market.

Mostly the raw materials used in manufacturing Tyre Sealer tyre sealant are of Japanese and Taiwanese origin.Here while manufacturing Tyre Sealer tyre sealant we keep maximum importance on its quality.Likewise we use Japanese origin raw materials which are best in quality and technology in comparison to others.

What is Tyre Sealer ?

Tyre Sealer is a liquid technology that converts a normal tyre to a puncture-proof tyre.

It is a liquid (gel) that is injected into pneumatic tyres offering a permanent guaranteed puncture protection for the entire lifespan of a tyre.A liquid which automatically seals the punctures caused by nails, thorns etc. instantly and does not allows the air to escape preventing the tyre to go flat.
Tyre Sealant manufactured by Guru Enterprises, Lucknow is an extraordinary puncture prevention system designed to seal tyre punctures instantly and permanently.Tyre Sealant can also repair a flat-puncture tyre.It is a boon for Indian roads.

Tyre Sealer tyre sealant also works as a coolent.It reduces the rate of heat produced in the tyre while driving.Thereby it increases the legal life of a tyre, decreasing the rate of diminishing of the tread area of a tyre against the road while driving.Air pressure also remains constant for a long time in a tyre having Tyre Sealer installed in it.

Tyre Sealer is a life saving phenomenon.Its just like a health insurance as it saves life from accidents caused through punctures.The liquid is non-hazardous, non-toxic and fully biodegradable. It is fully water soluble and may be washed away with water.